Video Poker

Video Poker Is a Fairly Recent Invention

Real Time Gaming software is recognised by players all over the world, including players from the United States. RTG software is available in two formats, down loadable software, and the software that uses Flash. You can play Real Time Gaming video poker games on your laptop, or any of the major brands of smart phone or tablet.

By the mid 1970s the idea of a personal computer was just becoming a reality. The casino gaming industry became involved in creating some new ways for players to take advantage of this new development, and by the middle of 1981 there was a new game, called video poker, becoming one of the main attractions at the casino. The earliest game was known as Draw Poker, and the machines were primitive compared to today’s video poker standards.

Many Different Variations

Today there are hundreds of different video poker variations, and new and exciting versions are still being released. There is Spin Poker, which is a cross between slot machines and a video poker machine, and Multi-Strike Poker, where there are now multiple hands versions. RTG video poker games come in both single and multi-hand games, with various credit denominations that you can choose.

Video poker is actually a mix of the traditional poker and an online slots game, and has become a firm favourite at any online casino. Games are straightforward, with rules that are easy to understand.

Initial Hand Similar to Poker

At the start of a game of video poker, the machine will deal you five cards, just like in a poker game. You decide which cards you will keep and which you will discard. The aim of the game is to finish the game with the strongest hand possible. The value of your payout will depend on the value of the cards in your hand. You can also make use of a doubling phase. When you have won a hand you may either collect your winnings or you can double them. The screen will show you five cards, four of them facing down and one facing up. You click on the face down card of your choice, and if the value is higher than that of the face up card, your winnings will be doubled. If your chosen card has a lower value, your winnings will be lost. Some video poker games will allow you to gamble only half your winnings, so you don’t run the risk of losing everything.

Even a Progressive Jackpot

In video poker you will be dealt four or five hands, instead of only one like you would have in poker. Your initial hand is played as you would a normal hand. When you choose the cards to want to keep, they are kept for all the remaining hands. If you find two Jacks in your hand, and kept them, they will be in all subsequent hands too. Some video poker games offer a progressive jackpot too, and this can lead to some really enormous wins. You have to play the maximum wager, though, to win the top jackpot prize.

Interestingly, the early version of Jacks or Better is still one of the favourite games players play. Certainly there may be variations and twists incorporated into any future games, but players can be sure that video poker will retain its popularity.