Tropic Reels

Tropic Reels Slot Game Takes You to a Dense Jungle Scene

Tropic Reels slot game by the leading casino games developer Playtech, takes you to the heart of the jungle. The game is an attempt by Playtech to provide a really exotic online gaming experience. Tropic Reels is a three reel game, but certainly not one that belongs to the usual category of three reels games. The backdrop to the game is a lush green jungle with palm trees, some Easter Island type statues standing on rocks on the side of the screen and the sea in the distance. The soundtrack is mostly jungle noises, but there are some special sounds when you hit a winning combination.

Plenty of Tropical Symbols

Tropic Reels has three reels, and five pay lines, which allows for a multitude of winning chances. There are plenty of symbols displaying the tropical theme, like Tropical Plants, Oranges, Pineapples, some bright Parrots and Toads coloured purple, green and red, and a Tiger, who is the Wild. There are no filler symbols, so players have the opportunity of some really special wins when playing Tropic Reels. These symbols come in different colours, but no matter what the colour of the symbols is, you will win a prize for three of the identical symbol. If they happen to be of the same colour, the prize will be bigger.

Big Rewards

Tropic Reels will allow wagers of any value between the lowest value coins to some very high ones, but the payout that you can expect is certainly worth playing for.  The highest reward is 2500 times your initial stake, so the higher your bet amount, the higher will be the prizes won. The payouts are generous, but here are also plenty of ways for players to earn a great profit.

Tropic Reels has one feature that is quite different from any other three reel game. It has a multi spin feature. When you spin the reels for the first time, only the bottom line will spin. You can then place a hold on one of the symbols, and keep it held for that reel on all the lines, and this will increase your chances for some great wins. In other words, you can hold the symbol of your choice, and then spin again to try to match that symbol in order to win. On the second spin, the blank reels are spun, which will give you a chance to match the symbol up to five times.

All slots games are based on the luck of the spin, but multi reel games like Tropic Reels also rely on the player having a good knowledge of the pay table and the game being played.

A Multi Spin Feature

Tropic Reels is a simple slot game, easy for beginning players to play as well as enjoyable and relaxing for seasoned players. There are not many bonus games, but there is a Wild that can give some chances for win. The Tiger is the Wild, and can replace any other symbol in the game when forming a winning combination.

In this game, players have the opportunity of winning some good sums, with practically no risk. It does not provide the flashing lights and other devices some players demand, but it certainly provides entertainment with some profit.