Supernova slot

Supernova Slot from Quickspin Developers

Supernova slot is a video slots game from Quickspin online casino game developers, which offers players 27 paylines and a maximum coin bet of 25 coins per bet. The value of these is determined by the player, and the range is wide enough to suit bettors of every preference: those taking part can choose from between .25 and 50, in whatever currency he or she is making use of, and can select a stake that suits them for each spin. There is a bonus round available that will allow winnings to be increased substantially, and, should a winning combination be formed on the left-hand side of the reels, the multiplier reels on the right-hand side activate, awarding a multiplier of as much as ten.

Theme for Supernova Online Slots

Supernova slot is graphically very simple and immersive at the same time, with a theme based on that of space, as indicated by the title, provided by Quickspin. The straightforward gameplay is enhanced by the quick pace the action for it employs, and the innovations provided by Quickspin keep it interesting.

Supernova slot employs a different game engine than that which the majority of online slots machine game fans will be used to: the most noticeable aspect is that there are two sets of reels for players to work with, instead of the usual one. On the left-hand side of the screen is a three-reel, 27-payline offering, containing only seven symbols for players to attempt to align. These are three different coloured supernovas; three atom icons and a wild. The second set of reels, on the right-hand side of the screen is composed of wormholes which do not pay out any money, but provide a selection of multipliers for players to make use of in the event that a winning combo is formed.

After a winning combination has been made on the reels found on the left-hand side of the screen, those on the right-hand side will activate. The multipliers available include 2x; 3x; 5x; and 10x. If players manage to land a multiplier on the first of these reels, the opportunity to do so on the second reel multiplier will become available as well.  All of the winnings incurred are then multiplied by the totals on these reels, so should a player manage to land the 10x multiplier on the first and second of these, the payout would be 100 times whatever his or her initial payline bet had been. When the reels on the right-hand side reveal a wormhole, the multipliers cease to be applicable, and the process will need to begin again.

A User-Friendly Slots Experience

Supernova slot is easy and innovative, and is suitable for online slots game players of any level of experience. The familiar space theme is updated by the unique aspect the second reel brings to the game, and the graphics are expertly rendered, complemented by a suitably cutting-edge soundtrack, and are displayed against a background in keeping with the theme.

The three-reel layout, combined with only seven different symbols for the player to try and align, ensures that the game’s pace is kept high, and Supernova slot is a low variance game, so smaller wins occur often.