Star Trek Red Alert slot

Star Trek Red Alert Slot Review

Star Trek Red Alert is a great slot from the equally legendary WMS Company. Rather than the modern remakes, Star Trek Red Alert is inspired by the original television series that starred William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in their most iconic roles of Captain Kirk and Dr Spock respectively.

Star Trek Red Alert slot fully encompasses the spirit of the show with a detailed and ground breaking slot game. It features video clips from the series as well as a story line to uncover as you play. This game is the first in a series of 5 games by WMS themed around the star trek universe. Star Trek Red Alert features 5 reels and 25 pay lines for players. The in game wager coins can have their values adjusted between $0.01 and $3 dollars

The Red Alert Bonus Round

The game’s unique bonus feature is the red alert round. This feature is triggered by managing to get three of the Feature symbols. You will immediately be taken to a new screen with new slot reels. On this screen you are confronting the alien Romulan fleet.  You will get an unlimited number of spins on this screen. Here winning spins will reward you with bonus multipliers by destroying other warships in the Romulan fleet.

You can win an up to 15x multiplier for the ships you shoot down. If this sounds too good to be true, it is because the spins, technically are not unlimited. Every time you make a non winning spin, you will start losing shield energy for the Enterprise star ship, in other words the Romulan fleet effectively attacks your ship. You will find on screen a display showing 5 glowing shield symbols that disappear as your non winning spins carry on.

Once your shield is depleted you will be presented with two options. You need to pick one of two communication channels that either fully recharges your shield or you will be presented with the Spin to win option where the reels spin until you hit a winning combination. Once completed you will go to the standard reels. Additionally if you manage to line up 5 of the Feature symbols you will also get a reward of 75 coins.

The Stacking Bonus Medal Feature

Whenever the red alert feature is triggered by the feature icon, you will earn one Starfleet medal. You will also be awarded with a medal for hitting the 15x multiplier during the red alert feature. If you manage to earn 50 medals in game, you will be able to travel to the next episode of the game, further increasing the Star Trek Red Alert slot game’s already stellar last ability.

The Win Warp Bonus Feature

The win warp feature in Star Trek Red Alert slot is randomly triggered whenever the symbols on the slot line up with a pay line but do not trigger the red alert feature. This feature will trigger one of four special bonus phases.

The Spock Bonus Multiplier

If the Spock feature is triggered, you will be rewarded with a random win multiplier between 3 and 10. This multiplier will apply to the win combination that you just triggered.

The Rock Monster Wild Scatter

This iconic character from the original series will appear on screen and stack multiple wilds on the slot reel for you to take advantage of.

The Scotty Wild Stack

When the Scotty bonus feature triggers, a portrait of Scotty, the enterprise’s engineer, will cover up to two reels. This character portrait will act as a stacked wild in game.

The Enterprise Ship Flyby Re-Spin.

This Star Trek Red Alert slot bonus will trigger the enterprise star ship toy do an onscreen flyby, changing all your winning symbols to one of the lead character’s portrait for potentially huge rewards.