Sic Bo

Sic Bo Is an Old Game Transformed by Modern Technology

Sic Bo is a casino game of Chinese origin, and like many of our modern online games, was brought to America by Chinese immigrants. It is a game played with three dice. Real Time Gaming has produced a popular version of this game that can be played at many online casinos.

In the RTG form of Sic Bo, the betting area takes up most of the screen, because there is a large number of bets that can be placed. Players want to trace their bets, so therefore the history of these bets is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Real Time Gaming’s Version Ensures Easy Game Play

Real Time Gaming tries to ensure an easy form of game play, so players check out their balance at the bottom left of the screen, with other important functions. There are all the operating buttons, with the Menu and Help. You can adjust the sound, but there is no AutoPlay feature.

The game of Sic Bo has two types of bets. In the first type of wager, the player bets on the total of the numbers shown when the three dice are rolled. The Small and Big bet are examples of this kind of bet. In the second type, the player bets on the combinations of numbers shown on the throw of the dice. You can wager on a triple appearing, which is a bet needing the same number to appear on all three of the dice. Odds can vary, but generally the average odds in RTG’s Sic Bo are good for the player.

How to Manage your Bets

Real Time Gaming’s Sic Bo provides chips with denominations of 1, 5, 25 or 100. The wager that you want is made up using a combination of chips, and can be done by clicking on the chips. This will release the wagered amount into the Amount Per Bet area. You can place as many bets as you want, but you may not exceed the table limit. The amount you bet is shown in the top left corner of the screen. Clicking on the Roll button will result in the dice being rolled across the table. When the outcome of the throw is revealed, all winning bets will be highlighted, and the amount won is shown just above the chips. After each roll the chips are removed from the betting area.

Sic Bo Perfect for a Small Screen
Sic Bo is perfectly suited to the online version of the game, and even the mobile form works extremely well on the smaller screen. Most important in the betting range is the small big bet. This is the main bet placed. You wager whether the total thrown by all the dice will add up to less than 10, or more than 11. You8 can also bet on the total thrown will be an odd or even number. These are the simple standard bets.

There is a variety of other bets that can be placed, as the total number of bets available on the roll of three dice is almost limitless. You can bet on the actual number that will appear in the Triple, or possibility of a double appearing. You can bet on the exact total that be rolled on the dice.

This is a very old game that has been rejuvenated, and can now be enjoyed by anyone able to take advantage of modern technology.