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Online Sports Betting New ZealandĀ 

New Zealand’s land based sports betting is controlled under the New Zealand Racing Board, which operates as a monopoly in the country.

With strict regulations and constant monitoring land based betting in New Zealand can become tedious.

The online domain continues to show growth and rapid evolving dynamism year on year. The Internet opens a floodgate of possibility for online sports betting in New Zealand.

Kiwis in quest of online sports betting have a vast array of online operators to pick and choose from.

With the New Zealand government adopting a relaxed approach to online sports betting, punters from New Zealand enjoy a vast range of online sports betting websites, which offer a vast variety of sports betting markets.

Selecting A Sports Book

Punters in New Zealand can make use of any offshore establishment offering online sports betting.

The government has not banned online play, making a multiplicity of online sports betting options readily available.

Kiwi punters opting for online sports betting may become overwhelmed with the extensive mix of operators accepting players in New Zealand.

It is imperative to select reputable and established online sports books in order to maximize online sports betting potential.

Trustworthy sports books will be licensed and moderated, securing your personal information and allowing for smooth financial transactions.

Highly regarded establishments will offer punters in New Zealand competitive sports betting odds at industry rates.

Popular Sports Markets

Kiwis love a game of chance; it’s in our blood. Online sports betting allows for thrilling stakes on popular and niche sporting markets.

Punters opting for online sports betting will enjoy a multiplicity of online sports betting action including rugby, cricket, soccer, darts, snooker, volleyball, tennis, boxing, athletics, rowing, winter sports, badminton, football, horse racing betting and much more.

Some online sports betting websites target the New Zealand market directly by offering betting odds on niche markets unique to kiwis, such as sheep shearing.

The online domain opens up online sports betting to a rich and diverse world that is captivating and exciting, allowing for entertainment not just on national level but at international rewarding standards.

The Mobile Market

When punters think of online play, for the majority cumbersome and technical setups make the realm of the unknown more of a hassle than walking into a TAB outlet.

The majority of online sports betting websites are easy to use and navigate, functioning almost identically to a land based outlet.

Many online sports betting establishments have developed mobile apps that can be downloaded to your smart phone, allowing for online sports betting at your given convenience, from a mobile device.

Pick A BetĀ 

Online environments are saturated with sports betting markets and odds on a variety of leagues and championships each supporting different betting types.

New punters in New Zealand opting for online sports betting will be elated by the shear variety on hand.

The online sports betting market allows for numerous types of bets including over and under bets, outright winners, top performing player bets and more specific niche bets.

Every alternative website will offer varying bets and odds on each type of bet. Select a reputable website in order to secure the most valuable online sports betting odds.

Winning Is Free

Punters in New Zealand not only enjoy the advantage of choice and variety but under government laws, all winnings earned from recreational online sports betting are tax free allowing for an even brighter winning purse.