OMG Kittens Slot

All About OMG Kittens Slot from WMS Gaming

OMG Kittens slot has a very obvious theme. Yes the whole slot is about kittens! Three of them to be precise; Bubbles, Tiger and Mr Whiskers.  Williams Interactive Software has managed to create possibly the friendliest slot in the world.

The whole world is obsessed with cats, there are countless Internet memes and pages dedicated to our feline friends, and so why not a slot with the same theme. This adorable slot features five reels and forty paylines, with multipliers and free spins. These paylines can be staked twenty-five different ways, starting from as little as 0.01 coins and going all the way up to 2.5 coins.  This opens the slot up to a wide range of budgets, although not everyone will approve of the overly cute theme.

OMG Kittens On All The Reels

As you may have noticed, this slot features kittens as a theme. So not surprisingly the reels are full of baby felines. Behind the reels is a grassy garden, presumably where the kittens frolic. This slot has no hard edges and no darkness to it at all. It is purely friendly, cute and cheerful. This may turn some peoples stomach’s however, as there is such a thing as cuteness overload.  This is a bright slot, with colours everywhere. The heading is purple, the reels are yellow, and the symbols are pretty much every colour you can think of.

The info at the bottom has a blue background and all the buttons are pink. In fact the Spin button is a pink paw print. See where you may get a cuteness overload? The symbols found on the reels of OMG Kittens slot are of course our three kittens, as well as their paraphernalia.  There is a spilt bottle of milk, a ball of wool, a collar and a fourth cat trying to get at a gold fish in a bowl.

OMG Kittens Special Symbols

Of course our three starring kittens are the games special symbols, and when they land they cover all the reels.  The first special symbol that we will talk about is the scatter. This is the fourth kitten that is trying to go fishing in a fish bowl.  ‘Fishcat’, as he is affectionately known, can be found anywhere on the reels, and finding three or more of him will earn you a reward.

The free spins bonus is triggered by finding four of the large kitten symbols with a bonus symbol on the fifth reel. This will award the player a minimum of five free spins. The exact bonus that is awarded to a player depends on which kittens make up the winning spin. For each Tiger you will see the multiple value of the free spins increase, up to a maximum of 10x for four of these symbols. Bubbles awards extra spins, up to 45 more if you hit four of him on your reels. Mr Whiskers on the other hand adds a bonus payout prior to the start of the feature. During your free spins should you find Mr Whiskers on the fifth reel, you will hit even more multipliers. This bonus round guarantees a player that they will always win at least ten times the amount of the original wager that triggered it, so you will never leave the bonus round empty handed.

A few other interesting features occur in OMG Kittens slot. One of them is if a player finds a cat symbol on the fifth reel during normal play, they will sometimes win a multiplier. This multiplier can range from 2x all the way up to 100x. This is the closest the game has to a jackpot.