Jungle Wild 2

Jungle Wild 2 Online Slots Sequel Overview

Jungle Wild 2 follows Williams Interactive Software policy of updating casino favourites, and Jungle Wild was definitely one of these: featuring 5 reels and 3 lines, this vibrant and beautiful slot offered up to 30 pay lines, with wagers ranging from 1c to 3$ on these, giving good potential payouts. Jungle Wild 2, however, follows the innovative layout of other Williams’s games such as Neptune’s quest, with two 2 line reels next to three 4 line reels, giving a potential 60 different pay lines. The game’s opening screen features a broadly smiling Capuchin monkey, and it is not hard to see what has got him so happy.

Artwork and Reel Symbols

The game uses tropical flowers as the basic low value symbols, eliminating the traditional playing card symbols that seem to irk many reviewers and players. Symbols of higher rank feature tropical wildlife, such as the poisonous frog, the splendid parrot, a toucan, known to fans of beer and breakfast cereals alike, and the aforementioned monkey, all of which have been updated from the original game, and are rendered in glorious colours. The highest ranking symbols are of golden amulets, redolent of Mayan artwork, while the stepped pyramid functions as a Scatter symbol.

Wild Things in Wild Places

Matching symbols on the first two reels will trigger 5 free spins on the larger reels, with the original two holding their place. Matching three pyramids on the big reels will also reward you with 5 free spins, and while this may seem a little ungenerous, Jungle Wild 2 has a feature whereby many more Wilds are awarded during free spins, as well as holding winning combinations, making these quite lucrative. In addition, free spins can, and most likely will be, retriggered, so there is potential to accumulate a nice hoard of winnings.

In addition to the Wild and Jungle Wild symbols, the pyramids can function as multipliers when these are found in combination: the different sizes and rates of spin of the various reels add a further dimension of anticipation to the standard 5 reel slot experience.

It’s a Jungle Out There

The wide variety of betting options and coin denominations in Jungle Wild 2, however, means that this slot is not a dark and scary place for penny slot players, and the free to play option is great for those simply looking to relax with the game’s gorgeous colours and calypso-esque soundtrack. It’s a worthy addition to Williams’ line up of themed slots, and showcases the company’s talent for finding innovative ways to refresh the slot playing experience.

Successful Slots Series

The fact that there is a Jungle Wild 3 version of this online slots game shows the enduring popularity of the title, but this one is definitely worth playing, and its reel holding and respin features can make this a very rewarding experience. As the saying goes, there is an art to catching a monkey, but this one is worth hanging on to!