horse racing bets

Horse Racing Bets

In the exhilarating world of horse racing there is no greater feeling than seeing your horse come in first place. Perhaps this then is the reason that horse racing has the designated and royally eponymous title of ‘The Sport of Kings’.

Horse racing bets are therefore no laughing matter. A great many details need to be observed and taken into consideration when punters first delve into this rich and fascinating world. There are so many factors that require a person’s attention, especially when a wager is on the line. But fear not, there is help at hand. There are many places for punters to educate themselves thoroughly before even placing their first wager.

Betting Types

In this article we will do our best to try and cover as much ground as possible and help you to maximise your enjoyment when placing your horse racing bets.

Below is a great introductory resource for interested punters to delve into. Let us take a look at some of the most popular betting types.

Popular Bets For Beginners

Here are some popular bets with their degree of difficulty of getting right on race day. A show bet means that your horse must come in either first, second or third. Your chances of winning this kind of bet are pretty good so it’s an ideal starting point with a moderate payout.

Another decent starting bet is a place bet. This means that your horse must come in either first or second and it pays better than a show bet. These are sometimes called straight bets and mean that you are only betting on one horse. The best payout potential of these straight options is a win bet, which means that your horse has to come in first place for you to claim a prize.

Pick 6

To achieve this in the realm of horse racing is a bit tricky, but, once a punter has become proficient in placing wagers they have this as a great option for some solid returns on a bet.

The bettor must select 6 winners from 6 races. While this is no mean feat it is entirely possible to do and will entitle the punter to a share in the pick 6 purse. There are many conditions and caveats that surface in the event of race cancellations and dead heats but your horse racing bets will usually be refunded or placed into another race. Check with your bookie and see what the procedures are for your particular circumstances.

Percentage Bets

For those hoping to spend within their respective budgets then a percentage of horse racing bets can be wagered instead of the full amount.

The catch being that you will only win the percentage of the prize that you wagered. But in the case of a massive purse then you could find yourself winning a tidy sum.

Tournament Winner

Punters must be mindful of upcoming events and should place their bets as early in the season as is humanly possible.

This is because the stronger a contender becomes during the course of the tournament then the more the odds start to favour them and the dividends decrease proportionally. The trick with these horse racing bets is to get in early and hope for the best!