Horse Bets

Horse Bets – Know The Odds, Play The Game

An Introduction To Horse Racing

Horseracing is considered a sport and many countries across the world rank this specific sport as one of their primary national sports. Horseracing has developed to such an extent over the years that this sport has its own language and rhythm. This is difficult to explain to people, you just have to experience it for yourself.

You can either go to the track and place horse bets there as and when the action takes place or you can place horse bets online. If you want to experience horseracing first hand then head on to the tracks with a racing from as well as a program of the races scheduled for the day. These programs also contain the predetermined odds for all the horses in each race, race distances and the jockeys which will ride the listed horses. You will be able to find the programs handed out anywhere close to the event’s entrance. As soon as you arrive at the venue make sure you find yourself suitable seating and from here on you can start placing your horse bets.

If you select the online horse bets route you can enjoy the horseracing event from the comfort of your own home or you can place bets online in between your normal routine. You just have to secure yourself an online horse racing form and from there onwards you can start placing your horse bets on the horses of your choice.

How To Start Betting

You should make it priority to thoroughly study the horse racing form for your chosen event to determine which horses you want to place bets on. You have to keep in mind that in this form of betting you are not at all playing against the given betting house when placing horse bets. Horse racing should rather been seen as being in competition with other players around you. This type of betting is called pari-mutuel wagering. All the bets go into a pool, based on each individual wager. Should you turn out to have one your bet then you will receive a portion of that pool. The amount won will be determined by the amount of other people sharing the pool’s winnings with you.

Exotic Horse Betting Terms

As in all types of bets, you always get some people who risk a bit more than others. The exotic horse bets betting options presents these people with the opportunity to turn a small bet into a considerable amount of money. These are the betting options to look for:

  • Exacta – This wager requires you to correctly predict the 1st as well as 2nd position horses in the correct order
  • Trifecta – This is exactly the same as the Exacta, but here you also have to predict the correct horse in the 3rd place as well.
  • Superfecta – Here you have to predict the first 4 horses to cross the finishing line in the correct order
  • Daily Double – This wager requires players to correctly predict the winners of 2 consecutive races before the first race kicks off.