Holmes and the Stolen Stones

A Look at Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot

Holmes and the Stolen Stones is an online video slot form Yggdrasil Gaming. The theme of the slot is pretty self-descriptive, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes is on the search for some missing stones. In this case diamonds, as normal rocks probably wouldn’t be very lucrative and would make for a pretty boring slot story line. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a five reel slot, with twenty fixed paylines.  This is a feature filled slot, with a bonus game and free spins.

The biggest draw card however is the five progressive jackpots that are dangled tantalisingly in front of the player. This slot is available both online in a desktop version, as well as on your favourite mobile device, which makes it a wonderfully mobile slot to play wherever you are. The betting amounts start at as little as 0.2 coins, making this a great slot for beginners and players on a budget. It is important to note however that your chances at landing one of those progressive jackpots or any other bonus feature of course increase as your wager amount does.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Style

This slot has a story line, in which you as the great detective have to track down some stolen diamonds for a rich client. The only problem is that the diamonds were stolen from a room with two doors, both of which are still locked. It’s a conundrum. The overall feel to the game is dark and exciting, with the background to the reels being the two locked doors. This is not a bright and cheerful slot. The graphics however are beautifully done, with much time and effort having gone into them. The reels are highlighted in gold, to add a bit of sparkle and the overall result is one of class and intrigue.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Symbols

The symbols found on the reels are of course from the detective theme. You can expect to find a magnifying glass, some bespectacled thieves, cars, Sherlock’s hat and more. The base symbols for this game are not the regular 9 through to Ace, but are instead the suites themselves, namely Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. These are very prettily done with curly filigree. The highest paying symbol in the game is the Master Villain; he is the one wearing the flat cap and smoking a pipe.  Finding three of him in a row could net you up to 4000 coins.

The games bonus symbol is the Keyhole with the words Bonus Symbol on them in case you get confused. Finding three of these will trigger the bonus round in which you can find a bag of coins as well as shards of the missing diamonds. To do this you must choose form a number of crates, each one containing a prize, or if you are unlucky, a bomb. Should you find a bomb your bonus round is over. Five bonus symbols may also trigger a special real money slots bonus of 10,000 coins, and award ten free spins during which all paytable prizes are tripled. The jackpot is won by collecting five diamond shards of the same colour to make up a full diamond. Each colour diamond relates to a different progressive jackpot.