eSports bets

eSports Bets in New Zealand

An industry that involves individuals wagering on the outcomes of video gaming tournaments, electronic sports betting or, as it is more commonly known, eSports betting has become increasingly popular amongst punters living in New Zealand.

eSports bets essentially refer to the wagers placed down on tournaments for some extremely well-liked video games, including Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of legends. While there may not be any betting establishments or sportsbooks within the border of New Zealand, there are still numerous options for Kiwi punters.

Punters are able to access a world of eSports bets at the numerous international online sportsbooks that not only offer these wagers but accept bets from New Zealand punters too.

Getting Started

Much like in online sports betting, any punter that wishes to participate in and successfully wager on an eSporting event will need to know all there is about it, including a basic understanding of the rules, the actual sport, the teams, players and more.

One of the best ways for beginners to gain a little more knowledge before placing any eSports bets is to observe the games and tune into shows that also analyse the teams and competitions, which can be found on sites pretty much all around the world wide web.

Important Tips

There are a few things to remember when it comes to placing eSports bets, as is with all betting, other than the previously mentioned tip to all punters gaining knowledge about what they are betting on. It’s vital to remember that this includes continuously checking up on news and tips on eSports bets, along with changes in teams and players.

Important things to consider includes spreading the risks, which refers to players making their eSports bets on a number of options instead of placing all of their money down on one event.

Punters are also advised to manage their bankroll wisely, which does form a part of spreading risks, and to keep records of their bets in order to determine what they have done right or wrong in the past so as to prepare for future eSports bets.

Where to Place eSports Bets

Technology and its rapid evolution has ultimately given rise to the fact that punters from New Zealand and numerous other places around the globe can access sites that provide great action on eSports bets, even if the bookmakers that offer them operate from outside of New Zealand.

A short amount of time spent on researching the best sites to place eSports bets at will ensure that punters are clear on which the best actually are, and what a site needs to promote in order to be considered one of the best. The best sites offer transparent and reliable security with regards to banking options and will hold a solid reputation with auditors and other punters alike.

What’s more, punters will be greeted with a fantastic welcome bonus that is valid for eSports bets and increases their gambling capital and therefore their winning opportunities.