Diamond Tower Top 20

Online Diamond Tower Top 20 Slot Game

The name of this online slot game certainly has a ring to it, maybe it’s because it mentions what sound like an entire building made of one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. This is pretty much the case with this Diamond Tower Top 20 slot from Amaya Games, which is themed on the style of luxury and elegance, with symbols on the reels pulling out all the stops to put an image to what has grown to be discerned with upper class. The graphics are rather simple in this slot game, though the air of luxury is still apparent during the experience.

On the whole this is a theme choice that has seen a fair few incarnations over the years and this one from Amaya Games seems to hold some promise in its portrayal. The slot on the face of it has a set of 5 reels, with 4 rows of symbols and an always-welcome 1024 ways to win pay line system that effectively allows wins to form as long as they are adjacent to each other. There is an array of betting options laid out beneath the reels and presenting themselves with a rather unique setup. There are a selection of bonuses, which include the likes of Wilds and a unique free spins feature that triggers the bonus game of Diamond Tower Top 20.

The Theme of Luxury on the Reels

The theme of luxury and expensive, flashy items has a tendency to invoke a certain sense of desire and so on the reels of an online slot game where the objective is to try and win as much as possible they do seem rather apt. The developers of this Diamond Tower Top 20 slot, Amaya Games, are quite an experienced group in this particular industry and so are quite capable of constructing a slot theme. This shows through its more simple graphics but detailed symbols and nonchalant backdrop. Even the sound effects feel they have a certain air of luxury about them but mostly serve to accentuate the action occurring on the reels.

The symbols of Diamond Tower Top 20 are definitely the theme’s biggest selling point, applying actual imagery to the topic as well as a degree of context. On the 5 reels of this slot there are 4 rows of symbols and so the screen is often quite full of symbols, a helpful thing too given the 1024 ways to win system. These symbols include diamonds, necklaces, luxury dogs, boats, fine cars, and even a cocktail or two, but of the really good stuff of course.

Lavish Bonus Features Adorning the Reels

The first bonus comes in the form of the Wild. This is the elegant lady symbol and can substitute for the other base game symbols when landed to bring about more chance of winning. The bonus symbol of Diamond Tower Top 20 is the large diamond symbol and triggers when 2 or more land on adjacent reels. The reels that held these bonus symbols then get locked and the remaining ones spin 3 times. If an additional reel gets locked then 3 more sins are awarded. If players manage to lock all 5 reels then they activate the bonus game which is a more identifiable free spins feature and hold quite a bit of promise as the main bonus for Diamond Tower Top 20 slot game from Amaya Games.