Cool Jewels slot

Cool Jewels Slot with Arcade-Game Feel

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of digital casino games developer WMS’ slots titles, is the endless variety they constantly inject into standard slots formats. Reels that grow or diminish from left to right, winning combinations that run left-to-right as well as right-to-left; games within games to determine the multiplier that will apply to bonus rounds; no-payline games; these are just some of the innovations the company has introduced.

Cool Jewels is another WMS slot title that will enhance the developer’s reputation for quirky design, as it looks more like an arcade game of the Candy Crush Saga type than a slots game. The WMS cascading symbol feature, in which any icons forming winning combos after a spin disappear so that new symbols can replace them and perhaps form more wins, is partly responsible for that impression.

Shiny Cool Jewel Icons                                                                                  

The other aspect that enhances Cool Jewels slot’s similarity to arcade games like Bejewelled, is the choice of icons. There are no Poker symbols, and all the icons are quite simple: jewels of different colours, cut into a variety of shapes.

The title features six reels, each displaying six windows, but there are no fixed paylines. Players win prizes if they score any combinations of four or more symbols vertically and/or horizontally anywhere on the 36-window grid. All the jewels score the same prizes for the same number of matches. Each repeated win increases the value of the prize for each match of the same number of symbols.

Three Kinds of Wilds

Jewels crowned with pointy facets, in three different colours, make up Cool Jewels slot’s three Wild icons. Apart from their ability to substitute for other symbols to form more wins, they each have an effect on the cascading symbols.

The green one is the Shocking Wild, and it destroys all the icons on diagonal lines from the corners of its window when it appears. The blue Blasting Wild does the same, except in straight lines vertically and horizontally from its finishing position. The pink Exploding Wild destroys all the symbols around it; so between them, the three Wilds deliver more cascades and thus more chances at wins.

If two matching Wilds feature in a winning combo, they become locked and stay present on the reels and activated through any cascades that follow, until they reach the bottom of the screen.

Unusual Bonus Triggering Mechanism

Instead of having to match three or more Scatter icons to trigger a free spins bonus, Cool Jewels slot requires the Scatters to be destroyed by the Wilds blowing up before the free spins commence. The Scatter is simply the Cool Jewels logo, and four of them will activate 8 free spins. Five will trigger 10 spins, and each additional Scatter in the triggering spin adds another 5 free spins to the total.

Free spins can also be activated in base play, by a meter at the side of the screen that increases with each successive cascade until free spins are triggered. In addition, any of the jewel icons can appear on the screen with multiplier symbols attached during any spin. If those jewels feature in a winning combo, the multiplier is applied to the win.