Overview of Chests of Plenty Slot Game

Chests of Plenty is a progressive jackpot online casino slot game. It is most well known for its professionally created visual theme, which is based around a gang of quirky, treasure seeking pirates and their beautiful friend. If the name Chests of Plenty didn’t already make you snicker at the innuendo, be ready to let out a hearty laugh when you learn that this refers to both the treasure chests featured in the game, as well as the beautiful friend in question, whose name happens to be Chesty.

The game play in Chests of Plenty is fairly standard, involving a five reel, twenty play line system, but the game does not allow the player to manually select which play lines to bet on. This is a bit disappointing, since it substantially reduces the level of freedom offered to the player and strips away many strategic options. The bonus features offered in the game, however, are many, and all show degrees of creativity and innovation, making the game still worth a look.

Standard Play Rules

As with all slot games considered here, Chests of Plenty requires the player to first make an initial upfront bet, after which the reels may be spun. Upon the reels coming to a stop any winning sequences made will automatically payout, with the value of the symbols in the sequence determining payout value.

The most valuable symbol in the game is Chesty herself, who pays out an enormous amount if matched with herself the maximum of five times. She doubles also as a wild symbol, allowing her to match with all other symbols to create winning sequences. The second most valuable symbol is the black bearded pirate, who pay out a decent amount if matched, but has special additional properties when he lands beside Chesty. Some of the other symbols include cutlasses, a parrot, and the standard ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of playing cards.

Special Bonuses

Chests of Plenty has a number of bonuses and special mini-games, including a treasure hunt game that has players digging for buried treasure. But first let’s get back to Chesty the busty pirate babe. If her symbol lands beside a pirate symbol, either to the left or right, the pirate symbol will be transformed into a wild symbol, suggesting that Chesty drives the boys wild. This bonus, although clearly intended to be a little joke to laugh at while playing, is also highly lucrative and can assist in making very valuable matching sequences.

The other two bonuses in the game include the treasure chest and treasure map symbols. If the treasure chest is matched three times it will award an instant jackpot amount, depending on the stones within the chest. If the stones are diamonds the progressive jackpot is awarded. The map symbols trigger a mini-game when matched, allowing the player the explore an island. The more map symbols matched, the higher the value of the treasure at the island. The player selects spots to dig, with prizes being hidden at each spot. If a skeleton is revealed, the game is over and the gathered treasure added to the balance.