Castle Builder slot

Building a Medieval Castle with Castle Builder Slot

Construction of a castle is the main theme of Castle Builder slot game. As players spin the reels they acquire various building materials, like bricks, bronze, silver and gold. This enables them to construct the castle they want. The more of the noble metals the player collects, the higher the value of their castle will be.

Before building can begin, the wagers should be regulated. Bet arrows are used to choose the coin value. If the player clicks on the Lines allows players to select the number of pay lines to be played. The middle button is Spin, which begins the game. Max Bet will give the player the highest bet, and clicking on the A button makes the reels spin without interruption.

Castles Must Be Built and Daughters Married Off

Castle Builder slot is a highly interactive slot game, set in a medieval kingdom. The main story line is of a king who wants to get his two daughters married off, and to build castles for them. The game runs on the efficient and effective Rabcat software platform.

Castle Builder slot has five reels and up to fifteen pay lines, but the reels themselves occupy a relatively small part of the screen area, as the left side is given over to the building site for the next castle. The symbols in Castle Builder slot all relate to the theme of the game, and include the King, his son and two daughters. There is also a bag of money, a jewellery box, a treasure chest and a locked door. The Architect is the most valuable and important symbol, and represents the Wild.

Value of the Building Materials

This is the main feature of Castle Builder slot game. The player has to land on at least two of the building materials on an active pay line. For two of the building materials icons, the player will receive standard value blocks. For three building materials he will receive bronze value blocks, and for four building materials icons he will get silver value blocks. For five building materials icons the player will receive gold value blocks. The more valuable building blocks the player manages to get means the castle will be worth more when it is complete. As the building blocks are collected, so they gradually build up the castle in the space to the left of the reels.

One of the Three Suitors Must Be Chosen

Once the castle is finally built and completed, one of the king’s daughter moves in. She has to choose between three admirers, and the player will make that choice for her. Each of the admirers has a different set of riches and rewards, based on the worth of the castle. After the player has made his choice, the three suitors will reveal their fortunes, which the player may claim as his own. The three values underneath the progress bar in the top left of the screen will represent what each suitor is worth.

This real money slots game continues and the player progresses to building the next castle and marrying off the next daughter. There are various kings and kingdoms available as the player progresses, and the progress can be checked by clicking on the Map button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Completing a castle does not take very long, and the player is tempted to carry on building to reach the next level.