American Football

Betting Sites Take American Football Global

More than 150-million people all over the world watch American Football regularly on television. That’s roughly one-fiftieth the population of the entire planet. It might not compare to the billions watching football, or soccer as the Americans call it, and it’s certainly not the billion or more cricket fans in India and Pakistan alone, but it is certainly an impressive global audience.

It’s hardly surprising, given the size of the market that top sports betting sites are sure to feature American Football among their listings. In fact, the media and the bookmakers form a recursive loop that benefits the sport overall. More widespread coverage gets more punters interested in betting, and more action in their American Football sector encourages online betting sites to employ state-of-the-art live streaming on their pages, so punters can watch live as they bet. This in turn introduces more general punters on the site to the sport, which increases its fan base and makes more media coverage profitable, and so the feedback continues.

Gridiron Basics for Beginners

Those new to American Football often find that it looks more intimidating to learn than it is, once they understand the rules. It is often called Gridiron Football because of the griddle markings placed every 10 yards across the field. These are vital, because to keep possession of the ball, the team on offense has to move at least 10 yards forwards within four downs, or unbroken passages of play. The defense, of course, tries to stop them, and the gridiron lines show when they are successful.

If they do not make 10 yards, the defense gains possession of the ball and so becomes the offense, so they need to move the ball 10 yards in the other direction in four downs. Once new spectators are familiar with these concepts, the American Football scoring mechanisms of touchdowns, conversions and field goals are fairly simple to follow.

More to Bet on than Final Scores

One of the reasons American Football is so popular among experienced punters is the range of bets that can be made on a game. Simply picking the winner won’t get anyone great odds, but accurately predicting the points spread can. The number of touchdowns or field goals; the timing of specific scores; individual player performances: these are all events punters can bet on, with the potential wins varying according to the odds on any particular wager coming off.

Online sports betting sites also offer frequent bonuses. Punters get a certain value of free bets, with the chance to win for real. Experienced punters registered at several different sites can thus take advantage of different bonuses at different sites to bet more on their favourite American Football events, increasing any potential wins at no greater risk.

Always Another Site to Try

Online and mobile wagering at NFL betting sites of all kinds is experiencing consistent global growth, and there are already scores to choose from. They are licensed in different jurisdictions scattered all over, and some have stricter rules and more concern for punter protection than others. It is best for American Football fans to stick to the most reputable brand names, licensed by authorities known to enforce regulations, when first experimenting with online betting.

Punters should also make sure they have legal access to a site before signing up to bet on American Football, and they should also check that proper security encryption and customer privacy protection is in place. If a site looks dodgy, there is always another to move on to.