7’s And Stripes

7’s and Stripes

The art style presented in 7’s And Stripes is a photorealistic art style with a red, white and blue theme. The idea behind this theme is to make the player feel as if they are actually sitting in front of a real life slot and pulling down the handle with every spin.

The background to this slot helps to reinforce the realistic theme that it presents. As the player is focused on the slot, they would not also be able to focus on the background at the same time. Because of this, we can see that there is a slot to the left and a slot to the right of the slot that the player is currently playing on. There is also a very non-descript background because, as in real life, the eye can only truly focus on one distance at a time.

In the middle of the slot machine, the player can see a single line and three reels. This traditional slot is a tried and true setup and will have players of all levels feeling right at home. To the left of the reels is the word payline in red. To the right of the reels, the player can see that they can play up to three coins. Under that, there is the amount the winner has been paid as well as their credits and the number of coins that they have played. At the bottom of the screen, the player has several betting options. The first button is a red cashout button. This button can be utilised if the player is ready to end their playing session. The next button is a cream coloured butter that says bet one. Next to that is the grey spin reel button. Pushing the spin reel button will start the reels spinning and get the game started. On the far right is the play three credits button. This allows the player to put down the maximum bet.

7’s and Stripes Slot Symbols

There are several symbols in this 7’s and Stripes, all which player on the red, white and blue American theme. The first symbol is a red seven. The second symbol is a white seven. The third symbol is a blue seven.

There are then various bar symbols. There is a red bar symbol, a stack of two white bar symbols and a stack of three blue bar symbols. There is also a red white and blue bar symbol and a red white and blue seven symbol that finishes out the symbol list.

7’s and Stripes Payouts

The various symbol combinations pay out different amounts in this game. From the least valuable to most valuable, the symbol combinations include three of the red, white and blue bar symbols, three red bar symbols, three red, white and blue sevens, three blue bar symbols, three blue sevens, three white sevens, three red sevens and a combination of all three coloured sevens.

A red, white and blue seven will pay either twenty four hundred, forty eight hundred or ten thousand coins depending on if the player bet one, two or three coins.