3 Card Poker

High Action 3 Card Poker

Poker is one casino game that has always fascinated players. As a consequence, there are dozens of variants to this game that have also evolved, some of which has become mainstream casino games in their own right. One of these variants, combining aspects of Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride, is called 3 Card Poker. 3 Card Poker has become known as a game of high action that is played at a fast pace and is ideally suited to mobile applications and devices.

The aim of this poker card game is to beat the dealer by achieving a better 3 card poker hand. In the process, the idea is to compile a three card poker hand containing a pair or higher.

Playing this Poker Variant

At the start of the game, and before any cards are dealt, players decide on the wager they wish to place. The options are betting against the dealer, betting that their hand will be a pair or better, or betting on both events occurring. The dealer and players are then dealt three cards, all face down.

After checking their cards, players can either fold or play. Should folding be selected, clearly all bets placed will be lost. If play is the selected option, then the dealer turns his cards over. In order to qualify for the showdown, the dealers’ hand must contain at least a queen or better.

The Dealers’ Hand

If the dealers’ hand qualifies, a standard poker showdown follows. Players win even money if they bet on beating the dealer and successfully did so. If the dealers’ hand does not qualify, the players’ ante bet receives even money, and the play bet stays on the table as a push.

What makes 3 Card Poker stand out and potentially quite lucrative to play is that the players hand will still be eligible for bonus pay outs even if the dealers’ hand fails to qualify. Poker hands up to a straight are paid out at even money, and this increases up to the highest possible hand, a straight flush, which pays out 5:1.

Bonus Pay Outs at 3 Card Poker

For players that bet on their hand being a pair or better, they will be competing solely for the bonus pay out of 3 Card Poker. The dealers hand has no bearing on this bet, and it works much like video poker. The game has a top pay out in this format of 40:1 for a straight flush. As can be calculated in terms of 3 card possibilities, these pay outs are reasonably low and are generally set out in the pay table as Three of a Kind at 30:1, a Straight at 6:1, a Flush at 4:1 and a Pair at even money.

Note that achieving a Flush with 3 cards is easier that a Straight.

Strategy for this Game

The starting point for advice on 3 Card Poker is that players should play to the dealers’ rules. In other words, if the cards they are dealt is less than a Queen, then folding is the best option. Any hand with the Queen or better cut-off should bet in the play spot. Statistically the pair plus bet will win 25% of the time. The dealers’ hand will qualify 2 out of every 3 rounds, and 40% of ante hands will win an ante bonus.